VERSES is a non-profit foundation creating the universal protocols and standards for the next generation of the Web. Freed from the page, this new Spatial Web is a single, world-wide network linking people, places and things both virtual and physical, enabling seamless interaction, transaction, and navigation between them.

Built on blockchain technology, the Spatial Web secures user data and authenticates assets and locations, for a boundless new Web that is smarter, safer, and more immersive.

Our Multi-Verse Toolkit

VERSES is building the tools for every creator, designer, developer and imagineer to link their worlds to each other and make them shareable, interoperable, and transactable.

The VERSES foundation is committed to securing people’s privacy and data and ensuring that the web of the future remains open and free for the entire human community.

Smart Spaces & Spatial Domains

With a world of smart spaces, real places become virtual, and virtual places become real with their own programmable rules, making your universe truly yours. By assigning the world a new set of coordinates using Spatial Domains, you visit your favorite places in your neighborhood or the world easily and securely.

Smart Assets

Smart Assets are virtual or physical things that are given unique verified digital identity that makes them truly come alive. This allows users to securely interact, transact and transfer them between Smart Spaces. Smart Assets can be tracked through time and space, record details of their ownership, manage their own transactions and interface with a whole world of devices no matter where they go.

Spatial Contracts

Spatial Contracts define how objects interact and transact in the digital world with individual contracts. These contracts set the ground rules and foundation for people, places and things to work together fluidly without oversight or barriers.

Seamless Accounts & Currency

Seamless Accounts and Currency give everything in the digital world a single wallet and the capability to transact together. Our system takes care of the transactions and payments seamlessly, so you can spend more time building and creating your world.

The Token

The building blocks of the VERSES Spatial Web are these Smart Spaces, Assets, Contracts, and Accounts plus one more critical component: the VERSES VSS Token. The Token enables a user to interface with the Spatial Web through three key actions.

  • Registration


    Register, validate and authenticate Smart accounts, Smart spaces, and Smart assets for secure universal usage.

  • Transactions


    Earn, spend and transact easily in multiple currencies via our integrated payment solution for digital transactions across the Spatial Web.

  • Moving Assets

    Moving Assets

    Move people and things across Smart Spaces in the real and virtual worlds.

Our Executive Team

Our small but growing team is a diverse group of experts who believe in making the future a better place for all.

  • Gabriel Rene

    Gabriel Rene

    Founder & Executive Director

  • Dan Mapes

    Dan Mapes

    Founder & President

  • Capm Petersen

    Capm Petersen

    Director of Product

  • Emily Bush

    Emily Bush

    Director of Strategy, Blockchain

  • Roger Miller

    Roger Miller

    Lead Engineer and Architect

  • Nicole Boyar

    Nicole Boyar

    Director of Marketing

  • Toby Tremayne

    Toby Tremayne

    Director of Technology and Architecture

  • Lewey Geslowitz

    Lewey Geselowitz

    Interface Architect

  • Steven Swanson

    Steven Swanson

    Director of Partnerships, VR/AR

  • James Paul

    James Paul

    Events Producer

  • Yoram Symons

    Yoram Symons

    Lead Writer

  • Kaan Kilik

    Kaan Kilik

    Director of Business Affairs

  • Ken Hepburn

    Ken Hepburn

    Director of Industrial Strategy

  • Kevin Wilson

    Kevin Wilson

    Director of Internet Strategy

  • Ryan Gill

    Ryan Gill

    Director of Strategic Alliances & Relationships


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Our Advisors

VERSES is advised by some of the brightest minds in tech and innovation, hailing from the industry leaders in virtual and augmented reality, blockchain, and future tech.

  • Jay Samit

    Jay Samit

    Independent Vice Chairman of Deloitte VERSES Ambassador

  • Peter Diamandis

    Peter Diamandis

    Co-Founder and CEO of XPRIZE

  • Denzyl Feigelson

    Denzyl Feigelson

    Special Advisor to Apple

  • Lauren Selig

    Lauren Selig

    Head of IMAX VR Fund / XPRIZE

  • Kris Kolo

    Kris Kolo

    Global Executive Director - VRARA

  • Tony Parisi

    Tony Parisi

    Global Head of VR/AR - Unity

  • Tom Furness

    Dr. Tom Furness

    ‘Grandfather of Virtual Reality’

  • Patrick Moynihan

    Patrick Moynihan

    Blockchain Industries Inc. CEO

  • Paul Kim

    Paul Kim

    Blockchain Industries Inc. Managing Director

  • Anselm Hook

    Anselm Hook

    Head of Web XR at Mozilla

  • Mark Meadows

    Mark Meadows

    Founder & CEO A.I. / Botanic Technologies

  • Seth Shapiro

    Seth Shapiro

    Founder & CEO at Alpha Networks


Our Partners

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VERSES is a group of visionaries, thought-leaders, entrepreneurs, developers, engineers and designers from the emerging fields of AR/VR, IoT, AI, Blockchain and Crypto. Together with millions of developers and enthusiasts worldwide we are laying the foundations for the web of the future.

What is the VERSES Mission

Our mission at VERSES is to connect every person, place and thing in the world to each other.

Why is VERSES doing this?

At VERSES we believe in the power of the human imagination to solve every problem. Our greatest challenge is finding better, deeper and more efficient ways of sharing our imaginations. We believe that the spatial web will be the greatest imagination sharing system in the history the human race, leading to unprecedented advancements in science, medicine, technology and human happiness. VERSES is here to provide the underlying infrastructure to power the spatial web.

What is the VERSES protocol?

VERSES Spatial Web Protocol is a universal and open standard for the next generation of the web that connects people, places, things and currencies into a single, digital network - The Spatial Web. With VERSES you can turn any location into a smart space, any thing into a smart asset and enable cryptocurrency transactions in both real and virtual worlds. The VERSES protocol is linked to blockchains to establish a safe and secure spatial web.

Where is the Protocol applicable?

The protocol works everywhere on planet Earth, extending into space just beyond the moon, and in potentially infinite virtual worlds.

Where is VERSES Located?


How can I get updates on what VERSES is up to?

You can learn more about what we're up to by following us on social media, .